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Revamp your fitness and health with Redline Athletics ONE ON ONE training program! 

16 weeks (4 months) with the option of adding 2 additional months, this comprehensive 1:1 coaching program will help you OVERCOME YOUR BARRIERS, taking you from a place of not knowing where to start, to absolutely glowing from the inside out with your new found confidence in your fitness & health! 

This program will help you discover what you need from a workout program and what your body requires from a nutrition standpoint to better support your workouts and general life activities, helping you transition into the best version of yourself! 

Together throughout the 16 week period, we will work to get you back on track physically & nutritionally, and by the end you can expect that you will;

  • Feel more confident in your own skin and your in your clothes
  • Feel stronger, like nothing can hold you back
  • Have more energy to accomplish your goals on a day to day basis 
  • Experience increase motivation because you are following a program that actually WORKS for you, and has all the supports that you need 
  • Have the confidence to keep your new found routine going because you will know how to sustain the workouts and nutrition changes on your own!
  • Have more self-love and experience more self-worth
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"that sounds amazing - what all does it entail?"

INITIAL QUESTIONNAIRE: To kick off the program I will send you my general intake forms for you to complete so that I can better gauge where our start point is, and what our goals are! These documents will include questions about your lifestyle and activity level, we will dive into more details once we plan our first call! 

INITIAL 1:1 COACHING CALL: Our first coaching call will be longer than the rest, typically ranging 40-50 minutes so that we have adequate time to talk about history, current/future goals, habits and symptoms. During this call we will also outline what the coming months will look like and get you familiarised with our app! Prior to this call, I will review your intake forms so that we have a good basis to start from, and following the call I will create your personalised workout program and nutrition booklet (if applicable). 

ACCESS TO OUR APP “HEXFIT”: Easily downloadable onto any smart device, with this app you will have access to all of your workouts, goals that we have set & messaging directly to me so that you always have the support that you need throughout this journey! Nutrition journals and plans will be sent separately via email. 

ACCESS TO NUTRITION RESOURCES/COACHING: Depending on your goals, we will decide when it is appropriate to begin talking about, and implementing nutrition services. Food journaling, recipe booklets, FAQS and tips are all included in your monthly cost. If we find that we need to take a deeper dive into symptomatology we will complete an additional nutrition assessment which is discounted from regular cost as a benefit to being on our 1:1 roster!

WEEKLY OR BI-WEEKLY COACHING CALLS: Depending on the level of support that you chose for your program, we will schedule weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls which generally take 20-30 minutes in length. During these calls we will talk about what is going well with your program, what needs to be adjusted, if you are running into any barriers, and we will continuously add in new methods to help you reach your long term goals! 

RESOURCES: Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology toolkit worksheets to work on everything from mindset training & goal setting to tracking physical & nutritional wins!

FOLLOWING COMPLETION: After completion of your program, you will have the option to continue on with your current plan on a month to month basis, or if you are feeling confident in your own abilities we can decrease the coaching calls to give you more freedom to test your abilities on your own, while still following workouts through our app and always having access to the messaging feature so that I can continue to give you the support that you need! 


  • 4 months of WEEKLY 1:1 coaching = $400/month+GST 
  • 4 months of BIWEEKLY 1:1 coaching = $300/month+GST 


  • WEEKLY - Pay in full: $1,440+GST (Save 10% = $160 in savings)
  • BIWEEKLY - Pay in full: $1,080+GST (Save 10% = $120 in savings)


  • 2 additional months of 1:1 coaching, with bi-weekly coaching calls for $280/month ($560 total)

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