at Home

Different from our other services, our AT-HOME branch is geared towards our elders and/or those living with chronic illness/disease.

Exercise therapy and hands on treatment brought to you in the comfort of your own home! Ideal for those who are unable to attend appointments at a clinic (ex: our elderly loved ones, those unable to drive, people living in retirement homes and/or assisted living centres) 

Services include:

  • In Home Exercise Therapy Assessment $90
  • In Home Exercise Therapy Follow up: $75

Process: Contact us to here or by phone to book your in home exercise therapy assessment for you or your loved ones

What you can expect with the initial assessment: In-depth history taking, exercise trials, exercise plan, communication with family as needed to gauge a suitable plan that fits everyones goals and budgets! 

Meet your in-home service provider:

Jaimee Barnes - Exercise Physiologist

Jaimee completed her Bachelor in Kinesiology at the University of Alberta, graduating in 2018. After securing a job, Jaimee pursued further education in obtaining her Clinical Exercise Physiologist Certification with a High Performance Specialization in addition to her Licensed Holistic Nutrition Counsellor designation. Jaimee has experience working with all age groups with a wide range of injuries/disabilities as well as experience in preventative care. In addition, Jaimee has worked within a clinical setting as well as an athletic setting with an extensive background in sport and fitness.

In-Home Exercise Physiology/Therapy

Exercise rehab is exercise based therapy, used with the purpose of strengthening our muscles and/or stretch them in order to ameliorate our abilities, help us recover from injury/surgery and/or simply to help us grow stronger . Our in-home service helps people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, education and advice.